Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

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View your grades (in an Excel spreadsheet). You may need to click “Enable Editing” when the spreadsheet opens to select your password. This spreadsheet now contains a calculator where you can enter your grades and it will compute your grade in class thus far.


I’ve got your answer key to Homework 17 right here


Exam 3 will be given April 23. I should have a study guide by Friday (April 18).

The last homework before Exam 3 will be given Wednesday but not due until the end of class on Friday. I will let y’all work together. You will write your answers on two sheets, one that we will take up and one that you will keep to study.

the beginning of class.

Covered in class

Finish what we began in last class: (7.e) About the demand curve and (7.f) Changes in market equilibria