Friday, August 1, 2008

Superb Essay on Capitalism

Much of my passion for teaching is derived from my passion for capitalism. The ability of people to purchase and produce whatever they wish is the greatest blessing a nation can receive. It is our only salvation from poverty. Sadly, people often view capitalism as something that must be tolerated, not embraced.

Whenever I encounter a superb piece of writings on the wonders of capital, I offer it as an optional reading, and offer it to you, the reader, to consider for your class.

The essay I will identify and provide shortly not only provides a rational view of capitalism, it dwells on the magisty of the capitalistic machine - like how we would never lend money to our neighbor but do not hesitate to loan money to strangers at a financial institution. Lastly, the essay is an example of superb, magnificient writing.

I dare say it is my favorite essay of all time - my colleague Jayson Lusk did not think so though. Decide for yourself!

So here it is, available for free at the Prospect Magazine.