Monday, January 12, 2009

Insane Locovores

Portland Public Schools have recently been feeding children local ground beef which they purchase at $44.85 per packet of 75 patties, when they could import beef from other parts of the U.S. for $17.11 per packet of 140 patties.  After doing a taste test among the children for the beef types, they decided the students could not detect a difference (Source: Feedstuffs Foodlink, Jan 12, 2008).

But taste has nothing to do with the locovore movement.  Locovores are under the false pretense that local food is good for the local economy.  Cutting off trade with other nations is bad for the U.S. Oregon cutting off all trade with other states is bad for Oregon.  The town of Smithville is made poorer by not buying and selling goods with other towns.  Bailey Norwood is made worse off trying to produce all the goods he consumes.

But important people adhere to this insane movement.  Read my entry on locovore Michael Pollan here.

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