Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Announcements for August 20

Announcements for Students

August 20


For next class (on August 22) we will meet at the Colvin Annex. I repeat, do not come to AGH 266 on this day, but the Colvin Annex instead (located by the Colvin Center on Farm Road, next to the tennis courts). Each student will attempt a number of basketball shots and we will record the percent made. Later we will crunch the numbers on these shots to study what determines shooting ability. It is especially important that everyone attend this day and shoot, as we need data on people who are not experienced or are poor at shooting. This activity is mandatory. If you miss this class you must make it up by going to the gym outside of class with my assistant to perform the activity.

Before class on August 22, acquire a gmail address and complete this Student Information Sheet sheet online.

Homework 1 is due August 29 at the beginning of class.

Today's Class

We will discuss the class syllabus posted online at the class website. Any changes to the syllabus will be made in red font.