Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 27 Announcements


The following students did not complete the student information sheet, it appears, and needs to do so immediately: Spencer Lawrence, Bailey Garland.

I am very disappointed in students who only listed 3 or 4 survey items on part B of the class worksheet on August 22. That is evidence of someone who wants to do only the bare minimum, and thus I would not trust any data they collected or data analysis they performed. Do better and show you are worthy of trust.

Homework 1 is due August 29 at the beginning of class.

Today you will be given an ID number to be used specifically for this class. Keep this stored somewhere you can access any time (like your smartphone). I will be asking you to use it occasionally, and with no advanced warning.

Homework 2 is a medium homework, counting twice as much as a short homework, and is due September 5 at the beginning of class. It will be taken using Google Forms, something I am experimenting with, so please let me know if you run into any problems. This homework requires you to read sections (A.1) through (A.3) of (CN.1) Histograms and VaR.

Today's Class

At the beginning of every class you should check these announcements and download the data for today, saving the spreadsheet on a drive or stick you can access later.

Today we will complete this worksheet using these data.

See if you are able to download data at this link