Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 10

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View all deadlines at the AGEC 4213 Calendar.

View grades as I am recording them (by your class ID number) here.


Homework 2 grades are available at the link above. This sheet allows you to view your answers along with the answer key, using your ID number.

Please go ahead and login to your gmail account.

Homework 3 is due at the beginning of class on September 12. This homework requires you to learn about a very complex topic and communicate it clearly. That is not easy, and I do not expect perfect answers. Just try your best.

Homework 4 is due by 9:00 PM on September 17.

Could Courtney Acton and Kaitlin Arnold see me after class? (you're not in trouble)

Today's Class

Guy Stuhr will begin class today.

Jacob Rapstine will begin next week's class.

Activity 1: The answer to the worksheet Gulf Wheat Prices, Part B from Thursday's class is in this spreadsheet. We will discuss the answer but will not construct the histogram together.

Activity 2: Begin completing this worksheet on crop insurance.