Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

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View all deadlines at the AGEC 1113 Calendar.
You can view all the homework grades and attendance records we have for you at this spreadsheet.
All information about homeworks is here


By the way, I didn't mean to schedule the exam right after the Superbowl. If someone had said something about it I would have changed the date.

Students who did not take the Exam on 2/3 because of the monster snowstorm must take it Tuesday, 2/4 (unless they made arrangements with Bailey before the blizzard). Bailey will be in his office from 8:30 until 5 PM. Stop by his office (no later than 4:00) when you can on 2/4 to take the exam. No need to make an appointment. If his door is shut just knock. If his door is open but he is not in his office, wait.

Before class on 2/5 print off all the practice questions at the beginning of Chapter 3 and all sections of Chapter 4. Bring these to class (or if you use the iPad, have them stored on an app that allows you to write on it, like Notability).

Schedule to begin class (remember, if your name is on the list, be prepared to present it early in case the scheduled student is absent):

Jan 31: Devin Dixon (words of wisdom from parent on managing money)
Feb 3: No one (will give Exam 1)
Feb 5: Glasscock, Jacob (Personal words of inspiration about how to live a moral, meaningful life)
Feb 7: Stretcher, Victoria (Words of wisdom from their parent or respected adult on how to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with one’s spouse.)
Feb 10: Wright, Jessie (Words of wisdom from their parent or respected adult about what careers students should consider to earn a comfortable income while also enjoying their job)
Feb 12: Standridge, Allie Marie (words of wisdom from parent on managing money)

Covered in class

Taking Exam 1 today.