Thursday, October 3, 2013

October 3

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Your grades have been updated at here, which includes your grade thus far in class and your Exam 1 grade. These are tentative grades, as I haven't double-checked them.


Today we will begin create a data set on students' ability to successfully shoot basketballs. These data will be used to teach how to use Google Forms, how to manage data, and the material in (CN.2) Averages and pivot-tables.

Today's Class

Need volunteer to begin next class.

Hand back Exam 1 and discuss.

Data on basketball-shooting performances in this class and a previous year should be opened at this link.

Notice that we are missing data on the individual shooters for this class. We will create a survey to gather said data.

The class will work together on this survey using the public Google form here. Please have this form opened.

Take the survey here

Results of survey