Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 8

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View all deadlines at the AGEC 4213 Calendar.

Your grades have been updated at here, which includes your grade thus far in class and your Exam 1 grade.


Homework 6, to be completed on Google Forms, is due by the beginning of class on Tuesday, October 15. If you have trouble be sure to watch Video 1 at http://seedsppp.blogspot.com/2012/07/ada4-averages-and-pivot-tables.html.

No class Thursday (enjoy your Fall Break). However, know that you are responsible for everything in chapter CN,1 and must turn Homework 6 in by October 15.

I want Newby, Avery, and Gulick each to use Google Forms to make a survey asking students which class they have taken thus far was the worst course, and why. Send the link to the survey to me when you are done. Please do this by October 15 class.

Today's Class

Need volunteer to begin next class.

Today we will work on learning the VLOOKUP function and Pivot-Tables in Excel, following the chapter (CN.2) Averages, Pivot-Tables, and the Vlookup function.

We will only review this chapter in this class, and it will be on the test, so please take it seriously.