Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 12, 2013

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Your grades HAVE BEEN UPDATED and can be viewed here.


Homework 8 was merely your participation in last week's projects. If you missed only one class you received a 50, and if you missed both you recieved a 0. Everyone else received a 100. If you didn't make a 100 you can listen to a Freakonomics or Planet Money podcast, write a 500 word summary of the podcast (making sure it is obvious you listened to the whole thing), and briefly describe it orally to your classmates. If you missed two classes you must do two of these if you want a 100. Please let me know which podcast episode you wish to listen to before you do it, so that no two students listen to the same one.

Exam 2 answer key is here

Homework 9 is due by the beginning of class on November 19, and is completed in Google forms (electronic submission only, no hard copy to submit).

Today's Class

Today we will take notes on chapter (CN.3) Correlation (also causation?), and we will use the data at http://seeds.okstate.edu/Seedsppp/cn,3/(cn,3)QuestionsData.xlsx