Thursday, November 7, 2013

November 7, 2013

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I will hand back Exam 2, and the grades have been entered, but I haven't finished checking all the grades in the link above, including the "final grade thus far" category. You are welcome to begin checking Exam 2, but wait to ask questions about all the grades posted on the spreadsheet. If you feel you deserve partial credit for a question you can submit to me in hard copy a typed explanation of (a) the question (b) why you feel you deserve partial credit and (c) your original test. I will then consider awarding partial credit, but no guarantees. Partial credit will only be considered for those questions involving Excel (not short answer questions).

Today, all guys should go to AGH 412 at the normal time. Girls should not come to class until 3:45, and should come straight to AGH 412.

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Project to be revealed in class.