Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November 5, 2013

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Sorry. The tests are not graded yet.

Today I will split the guys and girls for different tasks. Girls will stay in the lab and guys (after we chat a little in the lab) will go to AGH 412 for the rest of class.

On Thursday, all guys should go to AGH 412 at the normal time. Girls should not come to class until 3:45, and should come straight to AGH 412.

Hope you didn't forget that the class project should be uploaded to YouTube by 3:30 today, and you should email me the link to your video.

Today's Class

Jordan Wright, without an once of trepidation in her bones, will begin class today.

Need volunteer to begin class on November 12.

The projects done in class this week will count for one medium homework grade.