Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Acclaim From Former Student

Below is a nice note sent from a former student to Joe Schatzer, who teaches quantitative methods in our department. Besides being nice gesture, it provides further evidence on the importance of teaching Excel.

Hey Dr. Schatzer!
Thanks for the Birthday wishes! I have been meaning to email you recently to thank you for doing such a wonderful job in teaching Quantitative Methods. I think that is the one class that stands out above all the rest as being the most helpful in my current job. I am building macros and creating pivot tables at least once a week (if not daily). That course has been extremely helpful. My little brother is currently enrolled in your Quant course (Troy Williams), and I keep telling him how valuable it will be for him. Well, thanks again for preparing me for the "real world." It is so nice to be using my degree!