Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You never know...

You never know what career you may find yourself in, I often tell my students. Chances are, though, you will have to work with people. There is a significant chance agribusiness students will find an occupation in sales as well, which I why I so highly tout our Marketing and Sales class taught by Kim Anderson. Far more than a course on salesmanship, Dr. Anderson teaches how to establish fruitful relationships with people in general.

To illustrate the wide variety of sales jobs potentially awaiting agribusiness students, consider what one of my former agribusiness students who graduated two years ago is currently doing - see below. This student makes between $75 - $175k!

I do orthopaedic surgical sales for Depuy (Johnson and Johnson). I sell total joint reconstruction to surgeons. So if you know anyone that has had a total knee or a total hip put in them, well I sell those. I also sell anything that goes with bones, like a nail (if someone has a bad leg break I sell the nail or rod that goes in the bone). I sell bone plates, bone cement. But the biggest thing that I sell is the total joint reconstruction. I stand in the OR room with the surgeons while the case is going on so that if the doc has any questions I am there to help them out.