Friday, September 19, 2008

Standing Out at Career Fairs

The Ag College at OK State recently had its career fair. I look forward to these fairs because several of my former students who are attending the fair as recruiters always stop by to chat with me. This year, two of these students sent me an email providing suggestions for students to stand out at the career fair. I have copied it below, removing their names.

As many of you know, ________ and I worked the CASNR career fair yesterday recruiting for ADM. As I go back over resumes today I realize how overwhelmed recruiters are with students. It is very difficult to remember everyone you have spoken to, as you want to give each candidate thorough consideration. If I had one piece of advice to give students is for them to find a way to standout. They need to not only make a good first impression but a lasting impression as well. They don’t need to be afraid to ask tons of questions. For me the ones who asked the most questions were the easiest to remember because they genuinely seemed interested.