Friday, January 10, 2014


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View all deadlines at the AGEC 1113 Calendar.


Homework 1 is due by the beginning of class on January 15. This is simply a student information sheet, providing me with some background information on you. It also gives us some practice at using Google forms for homeworks, as I have not used them with 200 students yet. Complete the homework by going to the form at this link and answering all the question. Make sure you use the AGEC 1113 password given to you on January 13.

Schedule to begin class:
Jan 15: Dr. Norwood will present
Jan 17: Dillon Yosten (personal words of inspiration about living a moral, meaningful life)
Jan 20: no class
Jan 22: Sammy Perry (words of wisdom from parent on managing money)
Jan 24: Elizabeth Farney (words of wisdom from parent on a healthy relationship with spouse)

Welcome to the class! I am honoured to be your teacher and hope you enjoy and value the class.

Print these handouts and these handouts (or save them as electronic copies you can write on) and bring them to future classes.

Covered in class

This being the first day of class, I went over the syllabus but did not distribute hard copies.

Gave each student a piece of paper with their name and their password for the class. It also contains my website Keep this with you (I suggest taking a copy of it with your smartphone so you always have it), as you will be needing to use your CWID and password throughout the class. It looked like this sample.

Presented this lecture.