Friday, January 24, 2014

January 24, 2014

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View all deadlines at the AGEC 1113 Calendar.

I created a new webpage devoted solely to homeworks. It has upcoming homeworks, homeworks that are graded, and a way for you to verify whether your homework was submitted. You can find this page here


Know that in this class there is no difference between an excused or unexcused absence. Regardless of why you miss class, you can make up for it by doing the podcast activity outlined in the syllabus, if you want your attendance grade to be 100%.

Homework 4 is due by the beginning of class on January 27.

I plan to finish all of Chapter 2 next week and give the first exam on February 3 (Monday). Make sure you have read the syllabus so that you know what kind of cheat sheet your are allowed to use. You may use smartphones as calculators but if it appears you are reading off the phone I will ask you to come sit at the front of the class (for that exam and all other exams). I will also take down the class textbook during the exam.

For the exam make absolutely sure you have an orange scantron sheet and be prepared to enter your exact CWID. If you cannot take the exam on Feb 3 come see me very soon to make other arrangements.

Schedule to begin class:
Jan 24: Elizabeth Farney (words of wisdom from parent on a healthy relationship with spouse)
Jan 27: Tenita Fiddler (Words of wisdom from their parent or respected adult about what careers students should consider to earn a comfortable income while also enjoying their job)
Jan 29: Erik William Johnstone (Personal words of inspiration about how to live a moral, meaningful life)
Jan 31: Devin Dixon (words of wisdom from parent on managing money)
Feb 3: No one (will give Exam 1)

Covered in class

Today we will cmoplete (2.a) Videos on Comparative Advantage and may then go to a topic I will announce in class.