Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Honors Contracts for AGEC 1113 (Spring 2014)

The following honors students have emailed me indicated they wished to participate in this project for their honors contract. If your name is not on this list but you want to participate, even if you think you already sent me an email indicating so, send me an email ( indicating you do wish to be part of this project.

From Norwood's class

  • Belvin, Jesse
  • Ferranti, Emily (CITI training complete)
  • Martin, Dominic
  • Stuart, Megan (CITI training complete)
  • O'hare, Anna (CITI training complete)
  • Smith, Caleb (CITI training complete)
  • Sorensen, Courtney (CITI training complete)
  • Hepner, Hammons

From Jone's class

  • Hartzold, Klair (CITI training complete)
  • Horsley, Catherine (CITI training complete)
  • Rosman, J.D.
  • Smith, Adele
  • Steele, Chandler (CITI training complete)
  • Omps, Morgan (CITI training complete)

For students wishing to complete an honors contract

I have had so many students request an honors contract that I need to have every student do the same thing, or else I simply do not have time to accommodate them all (and I want to, as I know finding honors hours can be difficult).

Thus, I thought of a way for all students to participate in a memorable and valuable learning experience without excessive work on my part (or yours, for that matter!). In fact, this idea is for us to become partners. You help me with my research, and I help you complete your honors contract.

The idea

This semester I am administering surveys to a representative sample of Americans on their views towards different dieting strategies and any experiences they have had dieting. Its major goal is to understand the role meat, dairy, and eggs plays in helping people lose weight on a low-carb diet. You can help me acquire a sample of students to include by doing the following.

  1. Complete online training on protecting human subjects in research and submit to me paper or electronic materials indicated you completed the CITI training at
  2. Administer 10 of these surveys and 10 of these surveys to OSU students.
  3. You may recruit students however you like. They can be your friends, club members, frat-brothers, anyone, so long as they are OSU students and haven't already taken one of these surveys.
  4. Once someone is recruited, make sure you give them the proper information about their rights as a subject. This is done by giving this sheet for them to read.
  5. Then have them fill out this sheet to ensure they will not complete more than one survey (as many of you might have the same friends).
  6. Once the surveys are completed, I will have you enter the data online using Google spreadsheets.
  7. Then I require (and this is a strict requirement) all students to meet with me as a group on the afternoon of April 26 (the Saturday before pre-finals week), where we will crunch the numbers and talk about what the survey tells us. We will also talk about the survey questions, to help you understand how consumer research is performed. Do not agree to do an honors contract if you cannot meet with me and the others on April 26.