Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 29, 2014

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View all deadlines at the AGEC 1113 Calendar.
You can view all the homework grades and attendance records we have for you at this spreadsheet.
All information about homeworks is here


Information on review session and TA help before the exam is at the exam page.

Students with disabilities who plan to take the test at the testing center need to get me that orange sheet from the testing center pronto (don't know what I'm talking about? Come see me).

We are using what should be an improved attendance system. At the beginning of class one sign in sheet will be given to each row, in each section (the middle, the north, and the south sections). Students in this row/section should sign it, pass it down the line, and leave it on the floor at the end of the row for TA Cara to pick up. This should not take long, making sure everyone has ample time to sign it. Also, it allows us to count the number of signatures for each row and compare it to the number of students on each row, thereby preventing fraud. I hope you approve of the new system.

Homework 6 is due by the beginning of class on Jan 31 (Friday).

The answers to Homework 6 are
1) b. False
2) a. True
3) a. True
4) a. True
5) d. into; out of
6) b. False
7) a. True
8) b. False
do the Food Police questions on your own.

Exam 1 will be given February 3 (Monday). More information here.

Schedule to begin class (remember, if your name is on the list, be prepared to present it early in case the scheduled student is absent):

Jan 27: Tenita Fiddler (Words of wisdom from their parent or respected adult about what careers students should consider to earn a comfortable income while also enjoying their job)
Jan 29: Erik William Johnstone (Personal words of inspiration about how to live a moral, meaningful life)
Jan 31: Devin Dixon (words of wisdom from parent on managing money)
Feb 3: No one (will give Exam 1)
Feb 5: Glasscock, Jacob (Personal words of inspiration about how to live a moral, meaningful life)
Feb 7: Stretcher, Victoria (Words of wisdom from their parent or respected adult on how to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with one’s spouse.)

Covered in class

Today we will cover and probably complete (2.b.ii) David Hume meets a locavore.