Thursday, December 8, 2011

Reasons why most people would call me insane

(Reason 1)  I don't believe anyone really existed before 1990, nor do I believe real, conscious people exist in poor, repressed countries.  However crazy it seems, I just cannot fathom a universe where all the suffering I read about in history books really took place.

(Reason 2)  Politically-charged issues like global warming and income inequality are difficult to understand because so much ostensibly credible evidence is presented by each side.  I go further than simply saying it is a complex issue.  While truth does exist in many places, when an issue because hotly contentious, with much to gain / lose on either side, I believe that truth literally ceases to exist.

(Reason 3)  I do not believe Tyler Cowen exists, because it seems he has no supporting staff, and I do not believe one person could write and read so much while also teaching, eating, and sleeping.

(Reason 4)  I don't believe the book A Death in the Family could win a Pulitizer Prize when I cannot even get a literary agent to consider my novel.  Much of my world, alas, is an illusion.  Either I don't exist, or that book doesn't really exist.  Or perhaps the Pulitizer Prize is also an illusion?

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