Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hereos of Capitalism

In a capitalistic system, one only generates wealth for oneself if one generates wealth for others. To generate large profits, one must give the consumer something other people cannot. Whether it be a new invention, a lower priced product, or a higher quality product, the contributions of successful capitalists are the primary source of our great wealth.

Who has done more to help the poor: Henry Ford who gave us the modern car and assembly line, allowing us to produce every good cheaper, or former NC Senator John Edwards, the self-apppointed Patron Saint of the poor?

By the definition of a capitalistic system, the ones who generate wealth for themselves are the ones who generate wealth for all. These capitalists are the real Patron Saints of the poor. Who are all these people? The superb blog Hereos of Capitalism features one of these Patron Saints each day. Let us pay homage.

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