Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Market for Organic Eggs

Recently I came across a superb set of data containing egg purchases for 1,652 respresentative U.S. households for 52 weeks ending July 6, 2008. From these data, I found the following interesting results.

  • The average price of nonorganic eggs is $2.30
  • The average price of organic eggs is $3.63
  • The market share (in terms of eggs sold) of organic eggs is 0.8911%, so less than 1% of eggs produced are organic eggs
  • 92% of households bought only nonorganic eggs
  • 3% of households bought both nonorganic and organic eggs
  • 5% bought neither egg types
  • only 1 household bought organic eggs exclusively

Note that nonorganic eggs includes varieties such as cagefree eggs

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