Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trading Class Notes

See the email below I recently received.

Hey fellow OSU students!
I heard about this new site on the news! It lets students buy and sell notes from each other for free. Upload your notes or papers and make some money when other students download them!
It also finds THE lowest prices for textbooks and e-textbooks on the web and allows students to buy and sell textbooks from each other on campus for free! I posted all my books up, post yours up today and make some money!
Here’s the link for the news video ( the video is on the right side)
Jessica Richards has invited you to join - 'A Simple Textbook Solution'.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Click to join: will need a .edu email address to sign up. is an academic network that allows you to....
1. Buy/Sell Textbooks and notes from your classmates2. Compare book prices from Amazon,, and Coursesmart3. Network with Students, Faculty, and Alumni

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